Month: October 2016

For anybody on OBIEE 12c wanting to enable full SSL, Oracle provided within the OBIEE Documentation an explanation on how to set it up using demo certificates. However the usage of demo certificates gives the end user the annoying problem of needing to accept an exception to enter the website since the demo certificate wasn’t created for […]

For anybody interested in how to remove or add Data Visualisation (also known as Visual Analyser)  option to a specific role in OBIEE 12c, Oracle released Doc ID 2102444.1 which gives the detail about the procedure using WLST and the (or that should be present in the OBIEE12c Installation Middleware home by default.

I’ve been working on OBIEE and Oracle products in general since 2008, it has been so far a great experience with an enormous amount of information being available freely in internet. When trying to solve problems this amount of information can be a treasure but also a risk since the information contained in any website can […]